Amy Heumannn uses a combination of Bel canto and Larra Browning Henderson vocal techniques to help singers find their best voices.
Whether you are looking for the aesthetic, uplifting weekly or bi-monthly lesson, or you are seeking intense training for a vocal music career, Amy can meet your needs. Through positive, honest feedback, clear instruction with physiological explanations and visual, sensory and auditory imagery, you will learn to maintain an unconstricted, open throat, effective placement of the voice in your mask, and continuous flow of supported breath for a remarkable sound and an exhilarating experience.

What To Expect from Instruction
  • Develop vocal range
  • Eliminate breaks in tessitura (chest into blended into head voice)
  • Acquire music reading skills specific to singing
  • Gain confidence singing harmony
  • With knowledgeable, experienced assistance, select enjoyable literature which is developmentally appropriate for auditions, recitals and competitions.