Prices & Policies

Private Lessons
$100 per hour
Private lessons are one hour per lesson. Weekly lessons are recommended, but it is possible to have a lesson every other week. Half hour lessons are not recommended unless a student is very young (10-12 years old) or needs vocal coaching for an upcoming audition.

Shared Lessons
$60 per lesson per student
Shared lessons are a viable option for many students. Shared lessons involve two students sharing one 60 minute time slot. The students warm up and work on vocal exercises together and then proceed to individual solo literature. Students often like to arrange their own lesson partners such as siblings, friends or choir mates.

Payment Policy
1. Advance payment is requested monthly if a regular lesson time has been established. If a student is coming for a limited time for coaching sessions to prepare for an audition, then payment is made at the time of the lesson. If a student has an irregular lesson schedule because of difficulty finding a regular lesson time then payment can be made at the time of the lesson. 
Payment can be made by cash or check. I prefer not to have payment electronically, however I will consider it on an individual basis. 

Scheduling Lessons:
2. The calendar for lessons is located at or 
3. To schedule lessons, please check the calendar for a time slot marked “available” and then email Amy to request that slot.
4. All students, please check the calendar often in order to confirm upcoming lessons and check for accuracy.

Cancellation & Reschedule Policies:
5. If you cancel a lesson at least one week in advance there will be no cancellation fee.
6. If you cancel a lesson 2 to 5 days in advance of the missed lesson, you may look at my calendar for a time slot marked “available” to reschedule your lesson.  (see policy 2).  However, if no appointment can be made before your next scheduled lesson, you will be charged half the fee of the lesson missed.
7. If you cancel a lesson after 9a.m. the day before the lesson, you will be charged the full fee for that lesson.   See policy 4 above.
8. If I cancel a lesson, there will be no charge and we can attempt to reschedule a lesson at your earliest convenience.

Parent Involvement:
Parents are welcome to stay for the first lesson to observe Amy's teaching technique and style and to make sure their child is comfortable. After the first lesson it is preferable for the student to have a private lesson with the teacher. This is valuable for many reasons. Singing is a personal and vulnerable activity, so to be observed during this process, even by a parent, can be inhibiting. Many students don't even like to practice in front of their parents. Amy develops a professional yet personal and trusting connection with her students which is better facilitated when she is not dividing her energy and attention between her student and any other person present in the room. 
Parents are welcome to observe their child's progress at the end of the lesson, or have an extended visit every 3-4 lessons, or at the request of the student. Students may, on occasion, invite someone to join them to sing or just visit during a lesson. This is not uncommon when preparing for a talent show or audition, singing a duet, or when entertaining family or company from out-of-town. 
If you have special circumstances that require you to stay with your child during the lesson then we can discuss your situation.